Carrying several notes and travellers’ cheques can be unsafe and cumbersome, especially with traveller's cheques not being accepted everywhere. Now, directly swipe your India Travel Card without any transaction fee at over 5,00,000 merchant establishments accepting VISA cards

Use a travel card to get the best exchange rates, instead of international debit or credit cards, which are expensive due to cross-currency mark-up. Check your nearest Quotava Forex Branches for the most competitive exchange rates

Withdraw money from over 80,000 VISA enabled ATMs at any time of the day or swipe the card at any Point Of Sale machines to stay protected from foreign exchange rate fluctuation

  • Quotava Forex assures you of PIN-based and signature-based security for ATM cash withdrawals and for POS transactions respectively
  • A 24-Hour Customer Service number is available so you can report any lost card and issue a duplicate ATM PIN
  • You can check usage with online statements and detect any faulty transactions
  • You also have the facility to change your PIN at over 10000 Axis Bank ATMs, for added security.
  • You can also request for a new PIN / replacement card at Quotava Forex branches.
  • Forget fluctuating currencies and do a one-time conversion of foreign currency at competitive exchange rates.
  • Load upto Rs. 2,00,000
  • Refund fully to Indian Rupees when required.

Verified By Visa (VBV) is an easy to use, secured online payment service from Axis Bank that lets you shop securely online with your India Travel Card. This service confirms your identity through a simple checkout process, when you make purchases on the internet. Through a personal assurance message it also reassures you of the authenticity of the online store. If you are already registered, click here to login. VBV security gives you comfort to make hotel bookings, rail/train/flight bookings, and shop online:

  • Buy books and magazines
  • Make charity donations for spiritual/religious places in India
  • Shop at gift portals.


Only Foreign Nationals and Non Resident Indians can apply for an India Travel Card

Keep your documents ready:

The following documents have to be submitted to own an India Travel Card:

  • Completed and signed Application Form
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Visa
Fees (per instance)
Card Issuance Rs. 150
Refund Rs. 150
Card replacement Rs. 300
Duplicate ATM PIN / Internet Banking Password (per request) Rs. 50

ATM Usage (per instance)
Cash Withdrawal at AXIS BANK ATMs Rs. 25
Cash Withdrawal at non-AXIS BANK ATMs(Other Bank) Rs. 60
Balance Enquiry Rs. 12

*These charges are inclusive of taxes

The India travel card is a prepaid rupee denominated Travel Card. It is a VISA Card.

As per the RBI guidelines, India Travel Card can be issued only to Foreign Nationals and Non Resident Indians (NRIs)

No, as per RBI guidelines this card can be used only in India.

No the Card can’t be reloaded. It is a non-reloadable card.

An individual can hold only a single India Travel Card and will not be issued multiple cards. Nevertheless, each adult in the family can carry their own India Travel Cards.

  • You should look for the VISA sign at the point-of-sale merchant establishment.
  • The Merchant must have an electronic point of sale card swiping terminal.
  • You should present your India Travel Card only after making purchase.
  • Keep the card in your sight at all times.
  • PIN is required for POS transactions.
  • After a successful authorization, a hold for the transacted amount will first be placed on your card. Subsequently, your card balance will be debited for the transacted amount.
  • Ensure your card is returned to you.
  • Please note that this card can be used only for online transactions.
  • Any transaction, which is done in an offline mode (Manual Key Entry), would be declined, as it does not get routed to the online systems.

The easiest way is to cash out your card. You can visit nearest Quotava Forex branches or Axis Bank and get the remaining amount encashed within a period of 2 years from the date of production of the card. In case you apply for refund after the time period of 2 years, you need to apply for repatriation of the balances to the Regional Office of the RBI, through the Bank. All available amounts on the card not claimed/encashed within 3 months after the date of expiry of validity as printed in the card shall lapse to the bank.

All ATMs in India displaying the Visa or Plus symbol will accept your Quotava Forex India Travel Card.

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